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Tiffany Cabinet
Small, efficient console cabinet currently available at the gallery Art on a Whim in Breckenridge, CO
"Ten Mile Moose" 

"Ten Mile Moose"
"Crows in Aspen" 
Seller's Manual
Seller's Manual
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Our talented team also offers the following products to aide in the staging process as well as handcrafted artistic touches that will compliment a staged environment or provide a prized addition to a new home.

All furniture pieces are one of a kind, reconstructed with used materials and hand painted with enduring finishes.
Sweet buffet style cabinet that is heirloom quality with whimsical statement.  Available @ Art on a Whim
Cabinet top that depicts a moose roaming the 10 mile range in Summit County, Colorado
Storage bench with 3-d aspen legs, hemp arms, and a polished interior.
available @  Art on a Whim
Coming soon.  A handy, concise guide outlining the 8 most important steps to take in preparing houses to sell.
The working guide has photos, pages for notes & pockets for gathered info all in a compact 8"x8" sturdy book.